Smart coasts: helping Mesoamerican coasts to face climate change

The WWF-lead program Smart Coasts is trying to implement “climate smart” measures to ready the Mesoamerican coasts to the effects of climate change. This blog post is just an extract from an article I wrote for Entremundos, read the full story published here. While climate change is a global phenomenon affecting the whole world, it is not […]

It’s all about roots

Ruk’amaal is a word in Tz’utujil, a Mayan language spoken in the region of Sololá, in the highlands of Guatemala. Ruk’amaal is not such an easy word, neither to pronounce, nor to immediately comprehend. Ruk’amaal, literally, means “root”, but the prefix “Ru-” means “his”, or “hers”, or “its”. The idea of this website is not […]